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Youth Basketball Programs at a Glance


WYBA Community,

We wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to our players and families and provide an update on the status of our Town Hoops League, Metrowest Program, and Learning/Development Clinics.  Obviously we are operating in a very uncertain environment on all fronts--home, work, school, and athletics.  The safety our our players, their families, and the community is paramount to us.  We are hopeful that there will be both a Hoops and Metrowest season, as well as the opportunity to provide in-person development programs, but we can't say with any certainty when that might be.

Basketball is still considered a "high risk" sport by the state, and no guidelines have been put forth by any of the governing or organizing bodies for how basketball could be played competitively.  One of the major issues we are facing as well is gym space--public and private schools cannot commit to renting space to outside programs at this time, both due to safety protocols and the fact that many are using the gym space as classrooms or cafeterias.  In any season we have as many as 70 Hoops teams and 20 Metrowest teams that need space for practices and games, and this requires a ton of gym space. We've spoken with our neighboring programs and everyone is in the same predicament.  Hopefully this shortage eases up over the next few months.

The Metrowest organizers have let us know that they hope to provide participating towns with more information by the end of September.  Traditionally Metrowest tryouts have taken place in September, this year we will postpone tryouts until we know more about the viability of the league and timing.

Understanding that we may find ourselves in the unfortunate situation of not being able to have competitive leagues, we are exploring creative ways for creating fun basketball options as well as meaningful development opportunities for all of our players.  

We will be back in touch with everyone in early October with an update on where things stand.  We hope that we have some more clarity at that time.

Thanks and stay safe!

WYBA Board of Directors