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1.                 Each team will practice once per week for one hour for each of the five weeks of the Spring Hoops season.  During registration as a Coach, you will be (or were) asked to write down the times when you are unavailable for practice.  You will be assigned a practice night and time based on the information you provide.  Once the season starts, if you are unavailable please coordinate for your Co-Coach to manage practice.  Please also notify the Spring Hoops Commisioner    with AT LEAST 24 hours notice if you cannot make practice.  Only cancel as a last resort. The season is short and we want everyone to get as much time playing as possible.



2.                  You will receive uniforms (t-shirts) for each member of your team prior to the start of the season.  Please distribute these to the players.  Parents have identified appropriate t-shirt sizes during registration, so please distribute uniforms based on size first and preferred number second. 

3.                Game Responsibilities: Please bring a game record sheet with you to each game.  This sheet is not intended to keep score or to record wins or losses, since our goal is to encourage fun non-competitive play.  Instead, the record sheet will confirm the game is official and will confirm all players received equal playing time.  Please enter in all the players who attended the game and provide the sheet to the referee.   The referee will gather one sheet per team (two per game) and will submit these to the Spring Hoops Coordinator at the end of the game day.  (These sheest will allow the referees to get paid, so please make sure to give these to the refs at the beginning of your game.)

4.                  Team Manager: We are hoping to identify a Team Manager for each team to assist coaches with any communcation and to provide a supervisor at each of the games.  We are requesting volunteers during the Player Registration process.  Please encourage parents to volunteer for this role.  The expected commitment is low but the value add can be very important.  Team Managers can help you communicate any scheduling questions and can help with game record sheets.  Team Managers would be expected to attend every game if possible.  

5.                  The times on the game schedule will be the START of the games.  Please encourage your players to arrive 15 minutes before game time (but no earlier as the gyms could get crowded) to warm up and get ready for the start of your game.  

6.                  Both coaches should meet at the beginning of the game and at halftime with the referees to discuss the expectations and the flow of the game.  If you have any issues or questions, please contact the Spring Hoops Coordinator at .