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Town of Wellesley

Amateur Athletics Sportsmanship Statement

We believe that organized sports are created to allow children to have fun.  We believe that children should participate in a milieu that fosters good sportsmanship, personal growth in physical skills and self-esteem, and a sense of community involvement and allegiance.  We believe that in amateur athletics at this level it truly is not whether you win or lose but how you play the game. Sports provide children with age-appropriate opportunities to mentor younger and less experienced players and to learn how to win graciously and to lose with dignity.  In short, if adults who organize and coach town sports encourage it, athletic competition for children not only provides enjoyment for the participants but provides for the children real-life lessons: how to cooperate with others, how to compete, how to deal with authority figures.


In this context, we, as a community, hold the following:


For players:

            - treat teammates and opponents alike with respect and kindness

            - play hard to win but within the rules of the game

            - respect and abide by the decisions of the officials

            - win with dignity, lose with grace

            - represent your team, your family, and your community with pride

            - take every opportunity to encourage teammates to succeed


For coaches:

            - always be an example of good sportsmanship to your players

            - accept the decisions of officials in a respectful manner

            - teach your players through positive reinforcement, not by demeaning them

            - remember it is an honor to be called coach, do not abuse it.

            - remember that opposing players are, like your players, only children

            - foster in your players a love of the game, not a lust for winning


For parents/spectators:

            - remember you are watching children, no matter the color of their jerseys

            - children learn from your behavior; be an example of good sportsmanship

            - leave the coaching to the coaches and the officiating to the officials

            - recognize and applaud good play on both sides

            - support your child by attending his /her games

            - encourage your child's commitment to his/her team


                                               ...a part of the Wellesley Youth Charter