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  Tips & Drills  



These are practice tips that you may want to use.  We all have our own prior coaching and playing experiences and have developed drills that work. We want the players to learn the basic basketball skills and improve over our season.


1.            Explain the game of basketball to all members of your team.  Put it in simple terms.  Ask it there are any players who have never played organized basketball before.  At the first practice, review the following.


a.                  Positions

b.                  Rules of the game

c.                  Basketball Terminology


                       You can never be too basic at first.


2.       You should always incorporate endurance drills such as:


a.                  laps

b.                  full court lines

c.                  sprints


Work on running both forward and backwards.


3.           Use passing and ball handling drills.  These can be accomplished through:


a.           Relay sprints with players dribbling.

b.           Two on one without dribbling.  The offensive players must pass the ball to each other to get in scoring position.


4.            Shooting skills should be taught and constantly practiced. Drills that

can be used are:


a.            Knockout

b.            Foul shot contests

c.            Have one player shoot from the foul line and one in rebound position.  The person who is rebounding must shoot the bal from where they rebound the ball if the person at the foul line misses.

d.            Lay-up drills (right and left)


5.            Rebounding is a game of position.  A suggested drill is to place players as teams under the basket and have the coach shoot the ball.  The first team to get five rebounds wins.  You can also do this as a free for all and as players rebound they sit out.  Remember to teach that there is no fouling or traveling once they secure a rebound.

6.           Teach defensive positioning and that defense is played with your feet.  They can work on shuffling drills.  Have the players play one on one with the defensive player clenching their hands behind their back.  Have the offensive player try to score in a specified time (5 seconds for half court) and the defender stay with them without taking their hands from behind their back.  This will teach them to use their feet to be in good position.


7.           Use one on one tournaments and two on two games to develop skills.


8.           Scrimmage!!There is nothing like a game.  Teach during scrimmages and do not be afraid to stop the game to review something.


Here is a web site where you can get additional drills and tips on coaching: 

Ball-Handling Drills (ETeamz)