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Q: What is the mailing address for Wellesley Basketball?
A: The mailing address is 178 Bristol Rd Wellesley, MA 02481. Payment should be sent to this address after completing online registration.

Q: Where can I learn more about MetroWest Basketball?
A: Go to the MetroWest League menu tab across the top, and select one of the menu options available.

Q: When do the Town League teams practice?
A: Each team has a weekly one hour practice Monday-Friday between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.  These practices are set based on the coaches availability. 

Q: When are Town League games played?
A: Games are played on Saturdays between the hours of 8:15 and 5:00 p.m. Please arrive at the gym at the game time specified on your schedule.  There is no space available for warming up prior to that scheduled time.

Q: When will I find out my child’s Town League team assignment?
A: Coaches meet in early January to pick balanced teams. Once practice schedules are finalized by the director, your child will be contacted directly by their coach. This usually occurs in early February.

Q: Can I request that my child be placed on a team with a specific friend?
A: No, due to the large number of participants (over 600), we are not able to accommodate requests for specific teammates. We encourage parents to reinforce with their children the value of making new friends and meeting new children from other schools.

Q: May I request a specific practice night and time?
A: No, but you may request a full refund if you are placed on a team with a practice time that you are unable to fit into your schedule if the registrar has been previously made aware of your potential conflict.

Q: What is the deadline for registration?
A: All children registering before December 10th are guaranteed placement on a team. At that time the determination of the number of teams in each grade and gender group is made according to the number of children in each grade and gender group registered. There must be an even number of teams competing in each group. After the number of teams is determined we will continue to take registrations only in groups where there is space available.  We do maintain a wait list for closed groups.

Q: Is there a need for coaches?
A: YES. If you have any interest please consider volunteering. Even if your schedule doesn’t permit volunteering as a head coach, please consider volunteering as an assistant. This is a great way to help out while spending time with your child. Please indicate your interest on the registration form. A coaches clinic will be held before the season begins.

Q: Are there other volunteer opportunities?

A. Yes. The Board of Wellesley Basketball uses volunteers to help us monitor our games.  The volunteer would be responsible for making sure the games begin on time and run smoothly and would help the coaches oversee the referees. If you are interested in helping out for 3 hours on at least one Saturday, please volunteer on the registration form.

Q: Who can I call if I have further questions?
A: Please emaill .  Your questions will be answered promptly.

Your MEMBER PASSWORD is the temporary one emailed to you when you registered your child online.  You may have changed your temporary password to one of your choosing when you registered. 
If you do not know your MEMBER PASSWORD, you can obtain it by
  1. going to www.WellesleyBasketball.org;
  2. click on the tab called “Edit My Account” in the bottom left corner;
  3. on the “Sign In” page, enter your email address and leave the Password field blank and then hit “Submit.”  A email with your password will be sent to that email address.
To change your email address or any other family data (such as address, phone number, adding a parent, etc.) you need to “EDIT MY PROFILE” which is a button on the bottom left of the web site Home Page. 
  1. go to www.WellesleyBasketball.org;
  2. click on the tab called “Edit My Account” in the bottom left corner;
  3. on the “Sign In” page, enter your OLD email address and your member password (** see above section if you need to get your member password)
  4. you will now be at the page called “Family Entry and Participation Selection” which shows any family members who have a profile on the web site;
  5. TO CHANGE INFO ON A PARTICULAR FAMILY MEMBER, click on his/her name; on the next screen, you may change the pertinent info and click on “Submit” to keep the changes