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WYBA Code of Conduct & Sportsmanship


All individuals responsible for a team (coordinators, coaches, scorekeepers, players) and all spectators shall support this Policy. Failure to do so will undermine the referee's authority and has the potential of creating a hostile environment for the players, the referee, and all the other participants and spectators. 

All communication between individuals involved in a WYBA event must be respectful and in-control.  Further, any communication with referees should be limited to the following types: Coaches or players may ask questions before the game; call for substitutions, point out emergencies, ask for clarification (e.g. where will the ball be in-bounded; can I run the baseline; etc.) or respond to the referee if addressed during the game; or to express positive remarks/handshake after the game.

Absolutely no disputing calls, during or after the game, no remarks to the referee to watch certain players or attend to rough play. No yelling at the referee, ever, and no criticism, sarcasm, harassment, intimidation, or feedback of any kind during or after the game. 

·  Recourse  

Should any individualreceive a written complaint regarding a violation of this rule from the referee team, the WYBA will notify the Coach or Player of a 1 game suspension to be served the next game. If there is a 2ndoffense, the Coach or Player will be removed from the team for the remainder of the season.

Violators may be ejected from an event and are subject to disciplinary action by the WYBA Sportsmanship Committee. 


In addition to the absolute conduct requirements above, the following sportsmanship guidelines are expected and further the positive spirit of the WYBA programs.

WYBA is committed to developing a setting that fosters fun, good sportsmanship, and personal and physical growth for its young athletes. Regardless of intent, coaches/parents/spectators/refs are role models for children. Denigrating players, referees and coaches sets a poor example for a child, undermines the team, and fosters poor behavior in others.


  • WYBA players will respect all players, coaches, referees, parents and spectators. 
  • Play hard. Play fair. Play by the rules of the game.
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship. Recognize and applaud good play by your teammates and opponents.  Win without boasting, lose without excuses.
  • Be committed to the team. Attend all practices and games on time and be ready to play.  Support your teammates.  Compete with effort at all times.
  • Respect coaches by listening and appreciating their instruction. Ask questions. Seek to improve. 
  • Respect referees by politely accepting their decisions. Never talk back or show up an official.

Parents and/or spectators

  • Recognize and applaud good play on both teams.
  • Encourage your child's commitment to this policy and his/her team.
  • Honor the game by never criticizing players, coaches or referees, either explicitly or implicitly (e.g. groaning, physical motions, coaching from the stands).
  • Encourage other spectators to honor these expectations.
  • Players play, Coaches coach, Refs ref, and Parents cheer.

Look at the big picture. WYBA basketball is a GAME. Understand that the various programs offered by WYBA have differing objectives (e.g. a Hoops game and its range of participants are different than a MetroWest League game). Keep the games in perspective. Encourage conduct that supports good sportsmanship and the positive spirit of the program. 

If you cannot participate or watch the game without losing control...stay home. 

·  Recourse  

Violation of the Sportsmanship guidelines or the spirit of the Conduct & Sportsmanship Policy are subject to disciplinary action by the WYBA Sportsmanship Committee.