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Overview: Please sign up to participate in the Wellesely Spring Hoops program as a referee.  Gain valuable experience, earn some money and spend some more time in the gym this winter!  We will not have a firm idea of how many games will be scheduled or refs will be needed until after registration ends in the middle of February. We expect to have one referee per game.  Referees will have the opportunity to officiate more than one game per day.

Attendance: Your attendance at games where you have been assigned is mandatory as the players and coaches are counting on having an official referee for every contest.  If you are unable to make any game where  you have been assigned, please contact us as soon as possible at .  We will work to schedule a back-up ref or to switch your time with another referee for that day.  Again, please understand that the players in this league are counting on your commitment to make their experience.

Schedule:  Games are approximately one hour in duration and run from 10am - 5pm on the following dates in 2012:
Sunday, March 11th (the first games are played on a Sunday to avoid conflicts with CYO tournament)
Saturday, March 17th
Saturday, March 24th
Saturday, March 31st
Saturday, April 7th

Qualifications:  Our program will continue to offer referee positions to qualified and commiteed HS students and above.
  • Commitment on game days for refereeing 1, 2 or 3 games
  • Returning referees from last year
  • Other previous refereeing experience
  • Feedback from participants at the end of last season
  • Basketball playing experience
  • Minimum age: 9th grade
  • Completion of online referee application at Wellesley Youth Basketball website
  • Attendance at a mandatory referee training session (60 minutes) led by an experienced referee

If you wish to apply for a refereeing job, please indicate so during the registration process, which will begin in January 2012.  Additionally, if you have any questions, please contact Molly Manning and Nancy Williamson at .

Thank-you in advance for your participation in and support of the Wellesley Spring Hoops program.