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WYBA asks each coach and assistant coach to read and to be in agreement with the following statement:
WYBA's Spring Hoops Program exists for the benefit of the youth who want to participate in, and develop skills for, basketball.  Given the relatively young ages of the participants, the League emphasizes the importance of making the season one in which each player has fun while learning more about the game.  Specifically, the WYBA believes coaches should emphasize the following:
Good sportsmanship both among team members and relative to
Team work
Individual skills
Importantly, winning is NOT emphasized by the League.  Every attempt is made to staff each team with equal talent.  Throughout the season each player is to play an equal amount of time.  The intent is to provide each player with the opportunity to compete on as equitable a basis as possible, thereby maximizing the potential for the experience to be a positive one.  While coaches should encourage their players, extraordinary emphasis on winning, success achieved and criticism of individual or team performance will undermine the overall purpose or the League.
Accordingly, coaches are encouraged to:
Emphasize improvement vs. winning
Be a good role model
Treat players fairly, regardless of ability while being conscious of their individual needs
Keep the experience positive
Emphasize the importance of having fun at all times
In addition, you will make sure one coach or assistant remains at the gym after practice until all your players have been picked up and you will not contact any players on your team until you are told to do so by the registrar of the league in case any last minute roster changes need to be made.
Wellesley Youth Basketball Association thanks you for agreeing to coach and appreciates your agreeing with the principles set forth in this letter.