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To our Parent and HS Coaches... 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to coach in the WYBA Spring Hoops (formerly known as "Town Ball") this season.  Without your willingness to volunteer and your efforts the children who participate would not have the opportunities this program provides them.

We feel it is important that we all have a good understanding of the philosophy of our league.  The following is a brief overview of the league's focus and overall objectives as relates to the children who participate.

First of all, the league is for the children.  We want those participating to have an enjoyable experience. Basketball at this level and especially in our league must be fun.  Remember as you coach through the season, that children on both your team and those you oppose need positive reinforcement to have fun.

We wish to develop skills over the season with the players that will provide them a sound foundation as they proceed in basketball.  Remember, all children have differing degrees of ability and athletic skills.  Treat each member of your team as an individual when setting goals you wish to see them achieve.

We should encourage and develop the concept of working together as a team.  This league, from conception, has strived to give children the ability to participate in a low-competitive environment. Winning is not everything and we, as a league, do not record or monitor who wins or loses or the scores.  Competition is, however, the nature of sports and a balance must be achieved.  Encourage ALL members of your team to feel a part of the team and teach them that working in unison as a team will result in success.  Remember that success is not just measured by who wins or loses.

Again we thank you for your willingness to devote time and look forward to a great season.  If there are ever any questions or issues please feel free to contact any member of the Board.

Please visit the Coaching Corner to familiarize yourself with the Spring Hoops rules as some are very different from other leagues in which you may have previously participated.  In addition, there is other useful information about running a practice and coaching tips.  If you have any suggestions for other information to include please let us know.

Coaches may not trade players or cancel or trade practice times on their own.  If any problems arise, please contact the Spring Hoops commissioner at .