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WYBA Coaching & Sexual Abuse Policy

All WYBA coaches must complete online registration to be considered for coaching position.

All WYBA coaches must successfully complete the NCSI background check every 2 years and receive greenlight verification.  Automatic reviews of applicants are completed by NCSI in year #2.  In the event that a coach does not receive greenlight status, application for coaching is denied.

All teams will have a minimum of 3 greenlight-verified coaches.  A minimum of 2 verified coaches will attend all practices and games.  When 2 teams are sharing a gym, it is acceptable for 1 coach to oversee each practice for a total of 2 adults in the gym.

In the event that there is an allegation of sexual abuse or molestation made against an individual acting on behalf of WMBA, the organization shall have the following procedures in place:

  • WYBA is not to investigate such matters, but instead will contact the appropriate town police department, depending on where the alleged incident(s) occurred.
  • The names of any potential victims, the accused perpetrator(s), and the person who reported the incident shall remain confidential.
  • WYBA deserves the right to determine an appropriate course of action, including the suspension or termination from volunteering within the organization regardless of the outcome of any investigation.
  • Any requests from the press or the surrounding community shall be forwarded to WYBA, in order to handle any questions or inquiries.


WYBA prohibits one adult being alone with one youth. A second adult must be present or a second youth must be present at all times.