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WYBA is committed to developing a setting that fosters fun, good sportsmanship, and personal growth for its young athletes.  This is a competitive league where wins and losses are counted, but that should be second to player development, fun and overall great experience for all involved.  Coaches play the essential role in fostering this environment during the season, and we monitor feedback weekly on this subject. 


  1. Coaches will adhere strictly to the requirement that all players play 50% of the game.


  1. Each player should play in each half.


  1. Player development should be emphasized over game planning and play execution.  Please see “Sample Practice Plan” for guidance on how to develop appropriate skills for your team.


  1. Coach/Referee Interactions:  Please see "Zero Tolerance Policy" tab under Coaching Corner


  1. In selecting teams coaches should strive to make teams equal in talent.


  1. Avoid blow-outs.  One-sided games do happen, but coaches should make efforts to avoid this wherever possible.  Running up the score is not permitted.


  1. Only rostered players are allowed in a game, under penalty of forfeit. If only four players show up, the team forfeits and both teams can then play a non-official game by using a player(s) from the other team.