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About Wellesley Youth Basketball Association

Wellesley Youth Basketball Association is currently comprised of 20 Wellesley residents who oversee the MetroWest, Wellesley Hoops, Mini- and Midi-Raiders and HS Rec League basketball programs guided by a common set of principles articulated on the Principles & Philosophy page.

Below you can find a list of our Board members and their contact information.  We encourage you to contact any one of our members if you have any questions or concerns about our youth basketball programs, or wish to volunteer to get engaged and help us improve on what we provide for our kids.

Board Member Email Role
Ann Marie Andrews ann.marie.andrews33@gmail.com Enrollment
Bob Bannish rgb@riceheard.com 3rd Grade League
Mark Barrett mb1919@pacbell.net Asst Treasurer
Sara Beggans sara.beggans@gmail.com MW Uniforms/Merchandise
Andrew Boyle andrew.boyle@boyletransport.com Coach Dev/3x3/Bantam Boys
Fitz Christiano orthofitz@excite.com Player Development/Mini Raiders
Greg Ciongoli gaciongoli@yahoo.com Cadet Boys Coordinator
Chris Dacey cdacey1@gmail.com Treasurer
Caroline del Col carolinedelcol@yahoo.com Governance/Board Planning
George Defina gdefina@yahoo.com Bantam Boys Coordinator
Debbie Gianarkas dgianarikas@gmail.com Hoops Equipment/Enrollment
Vincent Grosso vincent.grosso@cengage.com Asst MW Commissioner
Mike Manning mmanning@nepc.com Hoops Commissioner
Colette Nolan  colettegnolan@gmail.com Junior Girls Coordinator
Ben Smith bensmith32@gmail.com Player Development/Mini Raiders
Dan Thornton danthornton1@yahoo.com MW Commissioner
Peter Velyvis pvelyvis@yahoo.com Sportsmanship
Kristen Walsh kmwalshy@gmail.com Bantam Girls Coordinator
Dave Walton dswcore@gmail.com Junior Boys Coordinator
Brendan Ward brendanp99@yahoo.com Bantam Girls Coordinator
Kristen Whitaker kwhitkansas@gmail.com Covid Committee Chair
Nancy Williamson wellesleybasketball@gmail.com Director


Wellesley Youth Basketball Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to offering basketball programs that maximize participation and optimize the development experience of Wellesley youth.  WYBA's Form 990 is available upon request - if you are interested in seeing a copy, please email: