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·       All games are to be run with a stop clock. Never running time at any level.

Cadets:           Two 16 minute halves

Bantams:        Two 16 minute halves

Juniors:           Four 7-minute quarters

·       All teams have four time outs per game. Only two may be used each half.

·       All girls’ divisions and Junior boys use a 28.5 circumference ball.

·       Five players are needed to start a game, and only rostered players are allowed in a game, under penalty of forfeit. If only four players show up, the team forfeits. Both teams can then play a non-official game by using a player(s) from the other team.

·       Referees are in control of the game.  In lower levels, they use common sense when making calls.  No advantage, no call.   Yelling at, or constant criticism of the referees is not permitted.

·       There is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY with respect to negative coach/ref interactions.  If the referee writes a letter to the league on coach behavior, there is an automatic one game suspension. 

·       All leagues shoot one-and-one on the seventh foul of the half. Double bonus begins with the tenth foul of the half.

·       Three-second violations will only be called at the Junior and Bantam level if a player is gaining an unfair advantage.

·       Players must remove earrings prior to the game.  There are no exceptions.



·       Apply to both the Regular Season AND the Playoffs

·       WYBA is committed to balanced playing time 

  • Every player must play at least half the game (ie. if the game has 4 shifts per half, each player must play 2)
  • Before a player plays 6 shifts, the other players on the team must play 5

·       The only exception to the above is:

  • In the Final 2 minutes of a close game, coaches are permitted to adjust this and play whichever players they choose.  (Note: we used to say the last 1 minute of a game, but we will amend this to the Final 2 minutes)


·       HOOPS is a semi-competitive league.  Please do not run up the score.  If ahead by 20 points or more the Head Coach should focus on developing player skills such as off-hand dribbling, 3 passes before a shot etc…  Most importantly, limit your Impact Player's individual role in scoring.

·       Full-Court press is allowed at all times at the Cadet level, the last 2 minutes of each half for Bantam and the last 30 seconds of each half for Junior.

·       Zone defense, trapping and double-teaming is only allowed on the Cadet level.

·       No Zone Defense in Junior and Bantam divisions.

·       There are no “Isolation Plays” in Junior or Bantam Divisions.  Defined when one or two players are positioned ball side with remaining players going outside the scoring zone on the opposite side.

·       Players may play help defense on a player with the ball when the offensive player is (i) within the Scoring Zone and (ii) threatening to score (driving to basket or preparing to shoot).  For these purposes, the “Scoring Zone” is defined as within the three point arc for Bantams, and within 15 feet perimeter of the basket for Juniors. Players may not double-team; help-defense is a temporary measure to prevent a score, not a system of double-teaming an offensive player (with or without the ball). 

·       A defender is not obligated to follow an offensive player outside of the applicable Scoring Zone, but may position themselves at the basket-line bisecting the court in traditional help defense manner.

·       On foul shots, in all divisions, all players other than the shooter may enter the lane on the release of the ball.

·       Junior divisions use a 12’ foul line. If Junior or Bantam players go over the line on a foul shot because of his/her strength, and clearly not attempting to get an offensive rebound, no violation should be called. Running in early by the shooter should always be called.

·       Junior divsions:  Each player brings the ball up once per game minimum.  This allows each player to experience game conditions, get touches and get in the flow of the game.

·       Junior divisions:  Substitutions occur at the 1/2 way point of each quarter and between quarters.  Referee may call time out to ensure this occurs.

·       If you have any questions, please call your division coordinator

·       Protest – A protest must be lodged in writing within 24 hours of the game that is being questioned, to your Division Coordinator at   fully explaining the rule that is alleged to have been violated.  Protests may not be made on judgment calls.

·       A protest committee of three (league coordinator, chief referee & Hoops Commissioner) shall decide if the protest is valid. It shall be the protest committee’s responsibility to decide if a game or portion of a game shall be replayed in the case that the protest is upheld. The protest committees ruling shall be final. 



·       Please pay the referee prior to tip-off.

·       If you have a problem with a referee or coach, write a note to your Division Coordinator.  Do not make a scene in front of players and spectators.

·       Games can be postponed only with the approval of the Hoops Commissioner and generally only for inclement weather. 

·        There are no tie games in any division of play. Overtime periods must be played at the conclusion of a regular game to break any tie score. If coaches fail to break any tie both teams will be credited with one less game played in the final standings. Overtime periods shall be three minutes, and each team will get one time-out per overtime period (time-outs may not be carried over).

·       Game results must be logged into the website by the Sunday evening following Saturday games.