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WYBA Hoops Coaches Clinic



A “prototypical” Hoops practice.  Coaches should feel free to adjust the prototype based on their own personnel, interests, and season conditions. 

General principles:

  • 50% or more of practice time should be spent on fundamentals: shooting, dribbling, rebounding, passing, defense
  • 25-30% of practices should be spent on small situations (1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3)
  • 20-25% of practice should be spent on 5-on-5 situations, offensive sets, out-of-bounds plays, etc.
  • Try to incorporate more than one skill in a drill.  I.e., one primary skill, but a secondary skill at the same time.
  • Try to use every basket (split squads and balance by ability)
  • Fundamentals portion of practices should be a combination of familiar and new (Form shooting or form dribbling progressing to “less controlled” situations, e.g. shooting relay or catch, dribble and shoot sequence)
  • Mix-and-match drills for your team’s skill level and weaknesses
  • Be careful with true 50/50 balls with regard to collisions that may lead to concussions.  Best practice is to favor one player with “loose” ball.


WYBA Sample Practice Plan from the Website

Various “teaching” aspects of the practice plan and some additional drills….



0:00 to 0:15


Layups, and Shooting


  • The younger the kids, the more time on layups
  • Play little games to put “pressure” on kids…make 3 in a row before moving on… split squads (balanced) and compete…

Key Instruction Point – Proper technique (Layup)

Key Instruction Point – Proper technique (Form Shooting)

  1.  “Curl” or “Wiper” Shooting
    1. 2 lines, 2 balls, Pass then cut around shooter to receive
  2. “One-More”
    1. Layup to “Outlet”, “Middle”, “One-More”, Repeat
  3. “Celtics” fast break
    1. Rebound, outlet to foul line extended, pass to middle, sprint to other end for layup off 1-2 dribbles)
  4.  “Superman”
    1. Block to block for 20 seconds, count “makes”; repeat


  1. Mikan Drill (add head-fake) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lp2ZIuSJNB4
  2. Knock-out (free throw line)
  3. Relays:
    1. 2-and-1 (jump shot for 2 points, if missed, chase down rebound for 1 point layup, pass to next teammate)
    2. 1st to 10 makes, opposite positions
  4. One-on-one controlled (3 dribbles or less)
  5. “Loose-ball”(*) drill with one-on-one finish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-_ZPaXdv-E
  6. Three man shooting (foul line, 2x 45 degree angle)



Ball handling


  • Left (or weak) hand.  Left hand. Left hand.
  • As kids get older, duplicated game situation

Key Instruction Point - Proper technique (fingers not palm)

Key Instruction Point - Triple Threat and Pivot Foot

  1. Touch drills (finger tips, circle body, figure eight)
  2. Slap Drill (slap ball from one hand to other 10x) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBeiOlaXLuo
  3. Circle drill (10x around waist in both directions)


  1. Flip-Flip (spread legs, ball between them; flip ball in air and reverse hands)


  1. Dribble drills (R & 2xL?)
    1. Head Up, form (fingers / call out numbers)
    2. Up and back or Dribble at teammate (with moves)
    3. Two-ball relays
  2. “Knock-out” – every player has a ball, must keep dibble alive while trying to “knock-out” other player’s ball outside the lines (reduce size of area as number of players decreases)
  3. Protection dribble / “Turn-‘em” (up and down court vs. D)






Incorporate passing into other drills

Key instruction point – Proper technique for chest and bounce pass

  1. Player-in-the-middle or Down-the-line
    1. Receive, pivot, pass, repeat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyKPt0ApTMc
  2. Star (5-point) passing drill… follow your pass to next line http://www.guidetocoachingbasketball.com/images/passing_drills.htm#Five-point_drill





Key instruction point – Proper technique (“swing the gate”)

Find and seal, THEN get the ball

  1. 2v2 or 3v3 Pit Drill
    1. Defensive position
    2. Coach shoots and play begins until one team scores
    3. “Animal Ball” format – Anybody can score
  2. Power-up
    1. Throw off backboard / rebound / power up lay-up
  3. 3-man offensive rebound
    1. #1 misses purposely; #2/3 and fight for rebound, finish
  4. Slide drill
  5. Defend the post flash




Key instruction point – Proper technique

Defensive stance, belly to belly, slide feet

Key instruction point – Know who you are guarding and guard them!

  1. Shell Drill
    1. Great to start to understand: On Ball, 1 pass away, 2 passes away, help defense
  2. 2v1 from half court
    1. O: dribbling with head up & passing to open player
    2. D: position & rebounding against 2 players




Foul shots as kids finish water


Small Game Situations

  • Try to group players by ability; developing players should handle ball when playing amongst themselves
  • Switch up teams or games to make kids react in different situations
  • Add “rules” to emphasize different skills:

No dribble;

Must set pick;

Use only one side (left or right) of the court

Adjust to number of kids and number of baskets


Key instruction point – Proper technique to screen

Key Instruction Point – Expect chaos – focus on fundamentals

Limit traveling, double dribble, know who you are guarding…


1-on-1; and/or

2-on-2; and/or


Matchup from baseline to 3-pt line




5-on-5 situations

  1. Simple inbound play
    1. Box with screens across or down or
    2. Stack with roles for each person
  2. Simple offensive plan
    1. E.g. Simple high pick w/ 4/5 and guard
    2. Screen on wing, roll to middle
  3. Full court
    1. NO dribble (all passing) for first 5 minutes



Foul shooting (& sprints)

Make foul shots to avoid sprints/suicides



Miscellaneous clips:










Ball Handling:






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