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Overview of Wellesley Hoops


Wellesley Hoops is WYBA's core program and the primary league for players in grades 4-9 who want a competitive basketball experience.  Everyone makes a balanced team, practices once a week, and plays other Wellesley teams in Saturday games. If your child is going to play in only one league this is the recommended league.



All Wellesley students in 4th-9th grades are eligible to play.  Eligibility and division placement are determined by GRADE (not age).  The Senior division is only for players grades 9-12 who are not playing on a HS basketball team.  For more information on the Senior Division (HS Rec League) please click her the Wellesley Hoops/HS Rec League tab above.



3rd Grade Hoops please click here

Junior Boys & Girls (4th & 5th grade)

Bantam Boys (6th & 7th grade), Bantam Girls (6th/7th/8th)

Cadet Boys (8th & 9th grade)



Practices are held on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday evenings, depending on what team the player is placed on.  Games are Saturdays from mid-November through mid-March.  Games can be anytime from 8:30am until last game beginning at 4:00pm.  Game times vary each week.


KEY DATES for the 2022/2023 HOOPS SEASON

Game Dates:  Nov: 19; Dec: 3, 10, 17;  Jan: 7, 14, 21, 28;  Feb: 4, 11

Playoffs:  2/28/23-3/12/23

May 2022                  On-line Registration opens
10/13                         Last day to register for guaranteed team assignment
10/24, 25, 26               Player Evaluations
11/11                            Team Assignments
Week of 11/15           Practices Begin


11/19                          First games

Week of 11/21           Thanksgiving/No Practices


12/3                            2nd week of games
12/19-1/1/23              Holiday Break – no practices/games
1/3/23                         Practices resume


2/11/23                       Last Regular Season Game
2/28-3/12/23              Playoffs  



The program attempts to balance all teams based on ability demonstrated during the evaluation sessions. All players are assigned with the objective to achieve an even distribution of ability across the many teams in each bracket.  Competition is moderate and instruction and development of all players is encouraged.

The League recognizes that players have other commitments in addition to Wellesley Hoops Basketball and at times there will be scheduling conflicts that require a choice to be made. Although missing an occasional session is understandable, regularly missing practices or games goes against the spirit of team commitment.


Wellesley Hoops is committed to developing a setting that fosters fun, good sportsmanship, and personal and physical growth for its young athletes. Parents/spectators shall treat players, referees and coaches with respect. Regardless of intent, parents/spectators are role models for children. Denigrating players, referees and coaches sets a poor example for your child, undermines the team, and fosters poor behavior in others.

Expected behavior for parents/spectators includes:

  1. Recognizing and applauding good play on both sides
  2. Encouraging your child's commitment to his/her team 
  3. Honoring the game by never criticizing players, coaches or referees either explicitly or implicitly (e.g. groaning, physical motions, coaching from the stands)
  4. Encouraging other spectators to honor these expectations

Player Code of Conduct:
Wellesley Hoops promotes good conduct by all participants.  Wellesley Hoops players will respect all players, coaches, referees, parents and spectators.  Players will:

  1. Play hard but fair. Play by the rules of the game.
  2. Demonstrate sportsmanship. Recognize and applaud good play by your teammates and opponents. Win with dignity and lose with grace.
  3. Be committed to the team. Attend and pay attention at practices and games. Support your teammates. Work hard.
  4. Respect referees by politely accepting their decisions. Never talk back or show up an official.
  5. Respect coaches by valuing and appreciating their instruction and hard work. Ask questions. Seek to improve.
  6. Encourage your teammates to honor the Player Code of Conduct