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by posted 11/14/2019

Team, looking forward to practice tomorrow night at WMS.  We will start practice with some simple warmup drills and then review plays that we will use througout the season.  Each week will will change the drills to keep things interesteing and build on what we have learnt each week.  For this week here is a rough outline.


Warm Up (no ball)

  • Jog forward to half line, shuffle left, jog forward to baseline, reverse pivot, shuffle right, repeat.
  • Sprint forward to free throw line, shuffle backwards to baseline, sprint forward to half line, shuffle backwards.

Static Ball Handling Drills 

  • https://youtu.be/32dOSPxfcQw?t=253
    • Fingertips
    • Around ankles
    • Around knees
    • Around waist
    • Around head
    • Around left Leg
    • Around right Leg
    • Figure of eight through both legs

“Steph Curry” Stationary Ball Handling Drills (1 ball)

  • Dribble - Left Hand/Right Hand (20, 15, 10, 5 ,2)
  • Crossover
  • Through the legs

Zig Zag, Dribble and Defense drill

Layup Warmup Drill

    • Two lines at 3 point line.  One side completes layup while other side rebounds.  Left hand layups, right hand layups, reverse layups optional.   If you miss you sprint to baseline and back.

Passing Drills

  • Offense Rule #1 - The ball moves faster via passing than dribbling.
  • Passing Rule #2 - Always move to the ball
  • Passing Rule #3 - Make a target with your hand for the man passing that ball.  Target is where you want to receive the ball.


  • Follow your pass drill.  Aim at target, baseball pass, chest pass.
    • https://youtu.be/32dOSPxfcQw?t=89
  • Shot fake, dribble, and pass drill.

Game Drills

Defense Drills

Defense rule #1 - Always have someone at the top of the key on offense who can recover.

Defense rule #2 - Stop the ball.

  • 4 on 4 Shell Drill
    • https://youtu.be/32dOSPxfcQw?t=220
    • Jump to man
    • Aim to see ball, you, and man.
    • Offense triple threats for 2 count, then passes.
    • 2 passes away, you should be at the rim line
    • 1 pass away you should be in the passing lane

Shooting Drills

Fast Break Drills

  • 3 man weave

Out of Bounds Play

  • Play S: Smoke Stack
    • https://youtu.be/32dOSPxfcQw?t=277
    • 1 goes right, 2 goes left, 3 screens for 4.

Play C: Cincinnati Offense

    • https://youtu.be/32dOSPxfcQw?t=506
    • Pass and Screen.  If you receive a screen you curl to bucket.  If you provide the screen you loop back to you original position.  Alway move in the opposite direction to the pass, set screen, then replace yourself.

Press Breaker


Free Throw Practice

  • 2 shots.  If you miss one or both shots, you sprint to baseline and back.

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by posted 11/08/2019

I would like to welcome players and families to the fall season of Wellesley Hoops.  My name is Campbell Webb (Coach C) and along with Andrew Herning (Coach A) we are very exciting about the upcoming season and the team we have assembled.  


Over the coming weeks Coach A and myself plan to share our combined basketball knowledge attained as students of the game or competing at the high school, college, and rec level.  Our goal as coaches is to ensure every athlete finishes the season an improved basketball player who values sportsmanship, while ensuring the experience is positive and enjoyable for everyone.


As you have likely seen our practices are scheduled for Friday evenings at WMS Gym A.  And our games are the following day, Saturday, also at WMS Gym A.  Training and completing in the same gym should defiantly help our outside game and court awareness.  So please try to attend all practices.  However if for any reason you cannot make a practice please let coach A and myself know so we can plan accordingly.


Prior to each Friday evening practices Coach A or myself will email details of drills+plays we plan to review.  These will be in the form of a short bullet list with supporting video’s or diagrams where available, so everyone has an idea of what to expect.  Look for the first practice update mid next week.


Thats everything I wanted to cover for now.  If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Coach A or myself directly.  All our details are listed in the Wellesley Hoops app.


Thank you and see everyone soon.


Coach C.

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